Episode 24 with Mumilaaq Qaqqaq

Listen now (74 min) | For International Women’s Day, the Habibti Team wanted to release one of our most cherished episodes to date. Nashwa and Ryan reflect on where they were this time last year as well as the origins of International Women’s Day as a socialist and workers’ celebration. The two watched Angela Davis in a packed audience at the University of Toronto; they saw people they loved and who inspired them and reminded them that change is possible. We urge people to remember that International (Working) Women’s Day should go far beyond thanking women in your life (especially if you are a man). The origins are in feminist struggles that work to also disrupt, dismantle, and unpack how we define women while we also work to re-imagine social relations women have in society including the gendered paid and unpaid relations. Today and everyday we want to remember that women are vital to struggles globally.

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