Episode 23 with Don Davies

Listen now (63 min) | Last Fall, Nashwa and Ryan sat down with Don Davies, Member of Parliament for Vancouver Kingsway. This episode features a pre-show chat about February 24, 2021’s 2nd reading of Bill C-213, An Act to enact the Canada Pharmacare Act. Davies was the sponsor of the 2018 motion for Pharmacare. Despite that vote failing, there is a clear hunger in Canada to have pharmacare embedded into the fabric of our “public healthcare system.” While there was hope for Bill C-213, sponsored by NDP MP Peter Julian, this bill also failed. Rumour has it the government is working on Pharmacare, but we are not hopeful it will be universal and public -- something Bill C-213 would have ensured. Nashwa and Ryan explore this further with Davies who has been passionate about the health of Canadians throughout his tenure as MP. They also discuss another neglected aspect of medicare: dental care, and the absurdity that our mouths are somehow divorced from the rest of our body’s health. They move onto a discussion of socialism and Davies’s opinion on the state of socialism in North America, including Biden’s impact on progressive politics. Nashwa and Ryan’s favourite topic -- international politics -- comes up, and we chat about Canada-US-China relations and the state of Canada’s foreign policy in the context of the Bolivian election. Davies predicts that the Biden-Harris government will inevitably lead to more neoliberal foreign intervention, his prediction was sadly proven correct with recent airstrikes in Syria. Davies ends on a hopeful note, opening up about the opportunities available to us and a “renaissance of the left.”

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