Jun 9, 2021 • 25M

Episode 33 with Jessica Bell

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This week’s episode features a conversation Nashwa and Ryan had a few months ago with Member of Provincial Parliament Jessica Bell. This episode covers provincial politics. An arena where anti-Muslim sentiments have been stoked with Ford’s Conservatives in power. Although this episode does not address Islamophobia we do believe that we need to vote out the Ford government to fight back around rising white supremacy and fascism in this province. 

Nashwa and Ryan spoke to Jessica about the slow developments in building transit. Jessica’s previous work as the founding Executive Director of TTCriders fighting to improve Toronto Transit in part inspired her run. Habibti Please has previously spoken to TTCRiders you can find the episode here.

This episode also highlights the  Green New Democratic Deal (GNDD). The differential impacts of climate change and how the Ontario NDP will address them through just transition and a just transition for people in Northern Ontario whose homes and roads are dramatically impacted by climate change. 

The group also discusses tenant rights and what the Ontario NDP is doing regarding the egregious Covid eviction blitzes. It is important to note that MPP Bell is NDP critic of housing, tenant rights, and urban planning. Nashwa and Ryan have previously covered evictions and rennovictions in Toronto here and here and the lack of political will to move on these issues.

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This week has been and will continue to be hard for myself (Nashwa) and the team so I will keep this brief. I will try to better address the murder of multiple generations of the Afzaal family in London Ontario at another time but for now, I am trying my best to be there for my community and help organize. I have been asked to share this page for financial support of the 9-year-old son who was left orphaned and injured. 

I keep this podcast mostly free. I know my listeners are generous people who care about this world and so if you are able to give we urge you to give to the remaining member of the Afzal family, Faez Afzaal. From the team and I, Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un to multiple generations of the Afzaal family. We will keep you in our hearts and continue to fight for a world that does not paper over the vile settler colonialism and xenophobia that is the bedrock of what we know as Canada. 

Guest Information 

Guests of the Week: Member of Provincial Parliament Jessica Bell 

Jessica Bell, MPP for University-Rosedale, serves as the Ontario NDP critic of housing, tenant rights, and urban planning. Prior to being elected in June 2018 she served as the founding Executive Director of TTCriders fighting to improve Toronto Transit.

She’s been a lecturer at Ryerson University, director of the California Food & Justice Coalition and an advocate for environmental justice. She’s received several leadership awards, including Toronto Community Foundation’s Vital People Award.

Jessica lives in University-Rosedale with her husband and two children.

Find Jessica online on her website,twitter, and facebook.

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