Episode 25 - The Progressive International Special (with Niki Ashton)


Friend of the show Niki Ashton joins Nashwa and Ryan once again—this time to discuss work beyond Canadian Politics; specifically building international people power. This episode is a discussion about an organization that everyone should be excited about: Progressive International.

In Canada and beyond, there has been a clear desire for many to build international solidarities that connect our struggles with others from around the world. Working people will always have more in common than they do with elites of their nations. Worldwide social and political injustice continues to thrive; without global solidarity we are often left alone in our national silos. With a growing fascist movement, we need organized left movements of international solidarity. This episode features clips of support and solidarity from others who are also striving for a better, more united world that is internationalist, anti-imperialist, and people-powered. The list of contributors includes: Noah Kulwin, David Adler, Alex V. Green, James Wilt, Liv Agar, Jeanine Khalik, Dwight Rhinosoros, Felix Biederman, Arif Hasan, and the Palestinian Youth Movement. 

We hope to “see” you at the event, Building Solidarity: A Conversation with Jeremy Corbyn & Niki Ashton. The event will be a conversation between Niki and Jeremy Corbyn about the state of progressive politics and how we can demand more. It is an event in support of Progressive International, a collaborative project founded in 2018 in Vermont by activists, leaders, and progressives like Jeremy Corbyn,Bernie Sanders, and Naomi Klein. We highly encourage people to sign up for the event. Internationalism is inherent to our politics and this show and we hope people attend and are inspired to build a larger and stronger more internationalist left wherever they are. 

To buy tickets to the event visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/building-solidarity-a-conversation-with-jeremy-corbyn-niki-ashton-tickets-143580403853

Mutual Aid & Community Support:

This week we wanted to re-highlight mutual aid and community support efforts happening in Winnipeg, Manitoba. On April 8th, 2020 Eishia Hudson, an Indigenous teen, was murdered by a Winnipeg police officer. Her family has a gofundme to support legal costs. 

On a previous episode, we sat down with Winnipeg Police Cause Harm to talk about the WPS. For years police have harmed the people of Winnipeg and this group is in solidarity with all peoples and communities that are harmed by the WPS. They call for the defunding and abolition of the WPS and the reallocation of funds to sustainable community led initiatives. We encourage people to check out their blog.

Additional Resources: 

Progressive International presently features three pillars: Blueprint, Movement, and Wire. Below you can learn more about them and what supporting Progressive International helps build. 

Progressive International: Blueprint

  • Progressive international convenes activists, thinkers, and practitioners to help design a policy blueprint to transform institutions that impact our lives, our communities, and the planet. 

Progressive International: Movement 

  • Progressive International works to connect and build solidarity between activists globally. This page features toolkits and various campaigns including some mentioned in this episode. 

Progressive International: Wire 

  • Progressive International’s Wire translates stories, essays, and statements from Progressive International members and partner publications. This not only renders a diversity of perspectives but also proliferates a range of perspectives on international issues.

Some readings that complement this episode:

Guest Information:

Guest of the week: Niki Ashton

Niki was first elected as MP for Churchill–Keewatinook Aski in 2008 when she was 26, and lives in her hometown of Thompson. She serves as the NDP’s Critic for Transport, and Deputy Critic for Women and Gender Equality. Niki believes in true reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. She is proud to work to bring together Indigenous peoples, students, labour, the LGBTQI2S+ community, and women in the pursuit of justice. Niki is a strong voice in Ottawa for change because she’s unafraid of challenging the status quo. She’s fought hard to end crushing student debt, expand health care to include pharmacare and dental coverage, and protect the environment.

Find Niki online! 





Additional speakers (in order of appearance): Noah Kulwin, David Adler, Alex V. Green, James Wilt, Liv Agar, Jeanine Khalik, Dwight Rhinosoros, Felix Biederman, Arif Hasan, and the Palestinian Youth Movement

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